Egg and etc.counties auto parts co., LTD. Is located in convenient transportation of egg in shandong province high-tech development zone;In the east of yantai,South in Qingdao、Dalian and the north across the sea,Water、Lu、Air transportation is very convenient。

    Etc.counties auto brake disc is engaged in the car、The brake hub production of professional manufacturers;Nissan brake disc(The hub)15000Slice,Specifications1000More than。After years of development accumulation,In the company2014Purchase in egg in high and new technology development zone120Mu building a new factory,In the same year has realized the new factory put into production,Enterprise planning more scientific and reasonable layout,Will markedly enhance its capability of equipment level and production。

    Egg and etc.counties auto parts co., LTD
    Address:Egg in shandong province high-tech zone