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Xuchang sino-italian electrical technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in teaching equipment、Industrial automation engineering research and development、Design、Production、Sales、Service in the integration of high-tech enterprises。The company since its inception always adhere to the people-oriented,Take the market as the guidance,To the business philosophy of science and technology innovation as the driving,Has the perfect organization and production management system and excellent after-sales service。We adhere to the best products、The best service、The credibility of the best return to our customers friends!


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ZY-DB-1Type Power system relay protection test bench

ZY-DB-1Type of power system relay protection testing table comprehensive colleges and universities at present《Power system relay protection》、《Power system microcomputer protection》、《Relay protection principle》Such as multi-disciplinary teaching content of courses,Combination of power plants、Substation、The factory substation departments work experience,Elaborate design manufacture installation,Relay protection experiments of common practice such as relay features、Relay protection、Comprehensive protection relay、The secondary loop, etc can be dozens of experimental training,To intuitive form of experimental teaching professional skills training for students。ZY-DB-1Type of power system relay protection test bench can meet the students the basic function of power system microcomputer protection of study and experiments,Also can satisfy the training students to protect common relay(Over voltage relay、Over current relay、Intermediate relay、Time relay、Reclosing relay、Differential relay、Switch components, etc)The working principle、The internal structure、The basic features and setting debugging and calibration of professional skills。At the same time,Can meet the related technical competition、The requirements of the professional skill appraisal。

ZY-IIType Scenery complementary and integrated experimental simulation device

Wind-light complementary training platform is set in the solar power and wind power as a new type of teaching demonstration experiment system。Can complete wind power and solar power and the base station power supply and off-grid inverter power supply system integration of relevant experiments and teaching demonstration。

ZYSJ-2Type Automation control system platform

ZYSJ-2Automation control system platform is a set of computer control、PLCAutomatic control、Motion control、Motor control into an organic whole,At the same time in accordance with the requirements for higher education and professional skill appraisal standard content design,Can be used in the daily practice teaching、The theoretical study、The professional skill appraisal and so on many functions as one of the actual identification device。Device is suitable for higher vocational colleges mechanical and electrical equipment installation and maintenance、Mechanical and electrical technology application、Electric operation and control、Electrical technology application、Electronic application and maintenance of the professional and the mechanical and electrical engineering《Programmable controller technology》、《Electrical andPLCControl technology》、《PLCAnd its application》The practice teaching。At the same time meet the vocational colleges off professional electrician electrical and automatic control of professional teaching and students' practical ability training。

ZYRLC-A2Industrial robot control training equipment(The loop line)

ZYRLC-A2Industrial robot control training equipment simulation real industrial process manufacturing system,According to the different stages of production and processing,Mainly from the total control system、Feed unit、The processing unit、The assembly unit、Detection unit、Robot external shaft extension units、Series robot、Visual inspection unit、Three-dimensional storage unit, etc。Control system is equipped with a circular transmission unit、The chain transmission system auxiliary unit、Material positioning end device、The material tray, etc。Also can be done by robot software simulation system of robot motion simulation。The whole communication system supports a variety of the field bus network protocol,The data communications,Each station can separate operation can work online。  The hardware system components configuration USES industrial field of conventional components,Joint industry actual completely,Software and hardware fully open platform,Users can be based on the secondary development,Equipped with perfect video tutorial,The teaching material,The experiment instruction and on-site training,Easy to quickly master the use of the product。 The main technical parameters:  1、The ac power:Three-phase five lineAC380V±10%50Hz;  2、The temperature:-10~50℃;The humidity of the environment:≤90%No water condenses;  3、Overall dimensions:Long×Wide×High=7000mm×5000mm×2200mm;  4、The machine power consumption:≤10.0kVA;  5、Safety protection measures:The system is equipped with grounding protection、Leakage protection function,Security in accordance with relevant national standards,Using high insulation secure socket and with high strength and insulating sheath wires safe experiment。

Professional is committed to the power system, laboratory construction in colleges and universities

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