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Huadian power automation

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Huaibei city huadian power automation technology co., LTD. Was set up has shown10Years,The company has onlinePHMeter,Temperature recorder,Pressure transmitter,Electromagnetic flowmeter,Pressure sensors and other products,Products in all walks of life,Well received by the industry。Huadian has several offices all over the country,The business scope of radiation,At the same time, the establishment of the ministry of foreign trade, China huadian corporation,Let huadian power products to the international。
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10Years to focus on doing only one thing

Let Chinese companies use better automation instrument

  • Huadian power automation
  • Huadian power automation
  • Huadian power automation
  • Huadian power automation

    To provide you with a more professional automation system solutions

    1. The paperless recorder temperature and humidity monitoring system
    2. Temperature and humidity monitoring system
    3. Constant pressure water supply system
    4. Saturated steam metering system
    5. Level measurement and control systems
    6. Battery separator installation plan
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