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Concerned about the affairs of state,Pay attention to the social development

      Project presentation

      Building a better life with your heart

        Customer service

        TaiYuan real benefits to consumers!Service guaranteed Safeguard!

        • Beginning for guest

          A man without a letter,In the world;No letter,Not in city products to perfection,For the enterprise to win better hair,Create outstanding products。

        • Hospitality for ever

          Listen to the voice of the customer、Respect for the needs of customers、Meet customer's yearning for the purpose of the service,In order to enhance the customer satisfaction。

        • Continue to improve

          TaiYuan construction guidance system for the community and neighborhood atmosphere to build。

        • Service tenet

          Take the customer as the center”The idea of,To sincerely treat each other as a beginner's mind,To provide professional and high quality service to our customers,Build a better life with your heart。