Anyang can best electric co., LTD. Is specialized in the production of induction heating equipment enterprises。2010In new energy-saving series inverter electric furnace(Commonly known as:Yi tuo 2、Yituo three electric furnace),2012In new energy-saving dc arc furnace、Dc -arc furnace、Plasma furnaceThe company has Dr、Engineer、Composed of a group of professionals such as undergraduate scientific research and development and technical services team,Both in xi 'an mechanical and electrical institute is engaged in the r&d and manufacturing for many years,Has a rapid development through the productive test of mature products and technical capabilities。 

       Our products mainly:①Black、Non-ferrous metal smelting、Heating、Heat treatment(Quenching、Tempering),②Ferroalloy smelting、Ore smelting and refining process。The power from the device100KWTo the20000KW,From smelting capacity0.1T to40Tons。
       With the improvement of national industrial level,All walks of life are increasingly demanding in the quality of power grid,At the same time, is widely used in industrial automation,Controlled rectifier、Intermediate frequency furnace equipment to produce a large number of harmonics,Power quality deterioration。For the power supply department、Actively guide China foundry association、Supervise the users have:High efficiency and energy saving、No high order harmonic、High power factor of the intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment。
       We have a complete after-sales service,Customer satisfaction is our constantly improve、Motivation。

       Our philosophy:Detail decides success or failure,Would rather lose their own interests,Not provide inferior products。

The company independent design、Dc electric arc furnace、Dc -arc furnace, and plasma furnace。The new developed 12 Pulse dc arc furnace,Using high-speed circuit 12 Pulse wave rectifier power supply technology。No interference of power grids。Wide range of application,Arc core temperature as high as1Thousands of degrees Celsius,The temperature of arc periphery3Thousands of degrees Celsius。
The characteristic:1.PLCA high degree of automation control,Heating speed,High production fast,Product recovery rate is high;
2.But in the process of smelting non-stop,Arbitrary power setting,To realize constant power、Constant current、Constant resistance、Different constant voltage control scheme,Convenient and quick;
3.Infinitely adjustable voltage、Electric current。In the process of smelting according to requirements,Don't stop,The voltage to each1V,Any increase。Current to each1Ann,Any increase;
4.The positive negative any transformation in the process of smelting change polarity;
5.In the process of smelting can be adjusted according to the arc length,Both can be submerged arc arc smelting。
Can smelting metal varieties:Iron、Copper、Nickel、Cobalt、Lead、Zinc、Tin、Antimony、Bismuth、Gold、Silver、Magnesium、Chrome、Molybdenum、Manganese、Tantalum、Niobium metal, etc。
Smelting raw material variety:Ore、Slag、Solid waste、Waste、Mineral wool and all kinds of conductive or non-conductive products。
Compared with the ac arc furnace:
1.The save dc arc furnace than ac arc furnace1~2Set of electrode device。
2.Has the function of electrode fracture detection and automatically adjust the balance,When touching the bottom electrode arc short circuit,No longer continue to run,Which avoids electrode continue downward motion and broken electrode accidents。
3.Graphite electrode consumption can save30%~50%。
4.No eddy current and the skin effect,The electrode can pass the larger current。To improve the utilization of energy,Consume less,To save power consumption than ac arc furnace10%~15%。
5.Uniform melt furnace charge。Arc is a vertical form of dc electric arc furnace,Uniform heat distribution,Uniform melt furnace charge。Because of the direct current direction is constant,Dc electric arc to molten steel strong stirring effect,Makes the melt furnace charge no dead Angle,Ac arc does not。
6.Effectively restrain furnace bottom rising。For dc arc furnace arc is produced between the electrode and furnace bottom,Formation of hot furnace bottom,When pouring molten steel,Steel will not catch the furnace bottom。But not for ac arc furnace heat furnace bottom effect。
7.Stable dc electric current。Alternating current zero per second100Times,Both have per second100Time of arcing、Arc、Then arcing、The phenomenon of restarting,Lead to ac arc instability。But the dc current zero,Without the change of the polarity,Thus dc arc than ac arc stability,Don't interfere with the grid。Dc arc furnace power factor is up to0.95~0.97。
8.Ac arc furnace to produce higher harmonic,Among them is widespread, such as2、4Accidentally harmonic and3、5、7Odd harmonic coexistence of inferior status,The voltage distortion more complicated。In order to solve the flicker effect and compensate for the harmonic impact on power grid,Ac arc furnace need expensive reactive power compensation device。The dc arc furnace is not required。
9.Noise is lower than ac arc furnace10~15Db。
10.Furnace wall refractory long service life。Dc electric arc is produced between the electrode and the bottom,Not in a furnace form a hot spot on the wall,Do not destroy the furnace wall。

Silicon metal cutting

The raw material               The finished product

Silicon metal slag

      The raw material               The finished product

3 oxidation 2 aluminium、Silicon dioxide、Magnesium oxide、Calcium alloy

      The raw material               The finished product

       Zirconium corundum raw materials                Zirconium corundum products

       Chrome ore smelting ferrochrome              Silicon manganese6518Alloy

Guizhou xingyi) is a set of33MVAGuimeng alloys dc -arc furnace,The following is the comparison of the various indicators。


The content

Ac arc furnace

Dc electric arc furnace





Guimeng alloys

Guimeng alloys

Power consumption



To reduce power consumption





Increase production





Natural power factorcosφ



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